Adult ADD Symptoms and Signs

All adults find it hard keeping their lives well balanced yet. The ones who have ADD Symptoms find it even harder to maintain their responsibilities. Attention deficit disorder is something that quite a few adults experience. It often stops them from excelling in not only their relationships but their careers as well. However, for those who do not want to let Adult ADD control their lives there is help. Learn more about ADD before you can start getting your life back on track. You will then be able to learn about your weaknesses and how you can turn them into your strengths.

Understanding Adult ADD Symptoms

Many people are under the impression that ADD Symptoms is something that is only present in children yet they could not be more wrong. Many people are diagnosed as children but they do carry some of the symptoms of the condition well into their adult lives. Others were never diagnosed with the condition when they were kids yet they still have it in their adulthood.

ADD – It’s Not Just A Kid Thing

Attention deficit disorder is something that can go unnoticed during your childhood. Back in the day, many people did not even know what Adult ADD was so this played a part as to why many people did not know until they were adults that they had the condition. During your day in time, your parents and teachers may have labeled you as a bad student or a troublemaker because they were unaware of the condition. They did not even think twice about the fact that you may have ADD.

Another reason you may not have been diagnosed when you were a kid could be because you did not have as many responsibilities as you do now as an adult. As any child becomes an adult it can feel as though a lot of responsibility is being thrown upon them and it is challenging. But for those living with Adult ADD it can be outright impossible.

There is some good news out of all this, however. Even though you may have attention deficit disorder it is something that you can overcome! Manage your symptoms is to be creative, have support, and be informed about your condition. It is never too late for you to start even though at first it probably is going to feel as though it is.

Symptoms of ADD in Adults

Children and adults usually have different symptoms when it comes to ADD. However, in general everyone is going to have unique symptoms that they experience. This section is going to discuss some of the most common symptoms that adults living with ADD experience. Once you have figured out what your symptoms are you can then start coming up with different ideas as to how you can make dealing with them more tolerable.

  • Trouble Staying Focused:

  • It is not uncommon for adults struggling with Adult ADD to have trouble staying focused when they are trying to complete some of their daily tasks. For example, you will find yourself being distracted by sights and sounds and your mind may be all over the place. Many people overlook the symptoms because they are not really noticeable such as zoning out, wandering attention span, trouble focusing when listening or reading, trouble completing tasks, overlooking details, and very poor listening skills.
  • Hyper focus:

  • Usually everyone who has heard about Adult ADD knows that one of the symptoms of the condition is not paying attention to things that do not catch their interests. However, what people do not realize is when they are interested in something they tend to become very absorbed. This would normally seem as though it would be a good thing however it is not. This is because you may become involved in a book or television show and tune out your other responsibilities.
  • Disorganization and Forgetfulness:

    As you probably already know, living with Adult ADD as an adult can be very chaotic and seem out of control. Things such as staying organized can be very hard. Furthermore, trying to sort out things and keep your priorities on track can be something that is basically impossible for adults with attention deficit disorder. For example, people living with this condition may experience poor organizational skills, procrastination, trouble not only starting projects but finishing them as well, always late, forgetting important things such as deadlines and meeting, always losing items, and underestimating their time.

  • Impulsivity:

  • People living with Adult ADD are known for showing impulse behaviors. A lot of the time they do things before acting and the consequences of their actions are far in the back of their minds. It is also not uncommon for them to complete tasks without reading the instructions or even interrupt others when they are talking. Patience is also another trait that people suffering from ADD lack.
  • Emotional difficulties:

  • Adults living with attention deficit disorders also may find it hard to keep their emotions under control. It is not uncommon to feel as though they are an underachiever, become extremely stressed out, have little to no motivation, and even become frustrated very easily. 
  • When suffering from Adult ADD it is common for people to be very energetic all of the time. For example, you may find yourself always feeling agitated, bored, experiencing a racing mind, talking a lot, and even trying to accomplish a million and one things at once.

Effects of Not Treating Adult ADD

Not treating Adult ADD is something that will not only cause you to have negative thoughts about yourself but it is also something that can affect all aspects of your life.

  • Physical/Mental Health:

  • Adult ADD symptoms have been known to cause people to have a variety of other health conditions such as overeating, substance abuse, low self-esteem, and even anxiety. Trouble is sure to arise when you start skipping medications and missing you doctor’s appointments.
  • Work/finances:

  • Many people find that it is hard for them to maintain their careers. No matter what they may do at the end of the day the feel as though what they have accomplished is simply still not enough. Once these thoughts start creeping into your mind you will find yourself constantly changing jobs, failing to meet your deadlines, and even making it to work on time. Not to mention the fact that keeping your budget is something that is going to be almost impossible. It is not uncommon for people who leave their conditions untreated to get in debt, spend money on unneeded things, and paying late fees on all of their financial obligations.
  • Relationships:

  • ADD even can affect your work, love, and family relationships. You may start to feel as though the people you are close to are always nagging you and you may even start to have thoughts run through your mind that lead you to believe as though they are trying to say you are irresponsible when they offer advice when really all they are trying to do is help.

Adult ADD is something that should be taken very seriously. If you do not take it seriously you will find yourself dealing with low self-esteem, embarrassment, frustration, and disappointment on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that you will feel as though your life is completely out of control. However, once you start the appropriate treatment options, you will find out that you have a chance to live your life normally.

Self Help ADD

Once you realize you have Adult ADD you can start making things better for yourself. Many adults have found that by doing a few things differently in their lives they are able to make a big difference and feel better about themselves. If you cannot afford to start treatment right away you may want to consider some of the suggestions below:

  • Change Your Diet & Exercise:
    Exercising regularly will help you work off some of your extra energy which in the process will make your body calmer. Not to mention the fact that by elimination sugar out of your diet you will be evening out your mood swings.
  • Rest:

  • Sleeping is something that needs to be a priority for you to be able to function properly. It is recommended that you at least get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Time Management:
    Make sure that you always have a deadline in place even for the smallest task. Timers and alarms are a good way for you to ensure that you actually stick to them. Also, make sure that you deal with things as they arise. It is very important for you to avoid procrastination. This can be done by writing down everything.
  • Work on your relationships:
    Schedule in times to be with your friends and family and make sure you show up. When around them focus on listening and avoid cutting them off. Make sure that the people around you understand your condition and do not look at you any different.
  • Create a supportive work environment:
    Stay focused at work. Utilize lists, use notes to yourself along with having constant reminders. Also, if possible try to choose a career that pertains to something that actually interests you. If you are happy with your work environment, controlling your Adult ADD on your own will be possible.

Seeking Outside Help

Even after changing your lifestyle you find that you are still experiencing symptoms from ADD, you will need to seek support from someone else. Adults have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to keeping Adult ADD under control such as behavior consulting, therapy groups, and medication. If you do not want to seek help alone feel free to bring a support person with you. When seeking outside help they will be able to help you in a variety of different ways.