This ADD test is to determine if you may benefit from help for ADD

This ADD test is to determine if you may benefit from professional help for ADD (attention deficit disorder). This Online ADD test is not an actual exam by a doctor but for educational purposes only and is not medical advice.

Please answer the questions that describe how you may have felt or dealt with a situation over the past year.

1. How often are you finding yourself having difficulty finishing final details of an assignment, especially after more arduous parts have been completed?


(Question 1 of 6)

2. Do you find yourself having difficulty keeping things in order whenever you have a task or assignment that requires any organizational skills?


(Question 2 of 6)

3. Do you often find yourself having difficulty remembering commitments or appointments?


(Question 3 of 6)

4. Whenever a difficult assignment comes up, you often delay the start or completely avoid it.


(Question 4 of 6)

5. Do you often find yourself fidgeting and unable to sit still for a long time?


(Question 5 of 6)

6. Do you often feel excited and compelled to do certain tasks?


(Question 6 of 6)





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