ADD / ADHD Symptoms For Adults

ADHD Symptoms for Adults:

Recognizing the Symptoms of Hyperactivity and Inattention 

Let’s talk about ADHD Symptoms for adults. Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder associated with cognitive and functional deficits due to brain disorders. This is one of the most common disorders in childhood, which has a special predilection for men (2:1).  

The big problem with ADHD is that it goes unnoticed by many parents, who think their children are just “like that”. Because of this, statistics can be much more aberrant than they appear. It is key for any parent to understand and learn to recognize a syndrome as common and manageable as ADHD.  

To begin with, not all children have problems with attention and hyperactivity. In the majority, one of the two aspects of predominate (70%). However, we will explain the key points in both cases: 

Inattention – ADHD Symptoms for Adults

Inattention is classic, and it accounts for most of the symptoms of ADHD. There are several ways to identify it: 

  • Makes mistakes due to minor negligence in schoolwork or is unable to pay attention to minor details. 
  • Even if an activity you like or are interested in, you have trouble staying focused. 
  • When you talk to her directly, she seems not to listen, averting her eyes or focusing her attention on something else. 
  • When they have ADHD symptoms, it is difficult for them to follow instructions – even the most basic ones. 
  • They may dislike tasks that involve concentration or problem-solving. Younger children may resent doing puzzles, while older children may resent other complex activities, especially those related to school. 
  • Often misses important things. Examples include toys (toddlers), pencils, assignments, etc. 
  • Forgets basic daily tasks that have to do with personal hygiene, home, or other non-school activities. 
  • Can quickly shift his attention to several things in short periods. 



Hyperactivity and ImpulsivityADHD Symptoms for Adults

The other side of the coin is the absence of control in his activities, having very little inhibition, leading him to unhealthy atypical behaviors.

Some tips to identify this: 

  • Sitting still is impossible. It is necessary to stand, move, or at least make “liberating” movements. 
  • You can hit your hands, feet, or move your whole body very often where you are. 
  • Tachylalia: The child can talk a lot and very fast. 
  • Impulsive movement can lead to dangerous situations, such as climbing a tree, jumping over holes, etc.  
  • Interrupts frequently, giving many wrong answers to simple questions. 
  • Unable to wait for the turn. Seeks to do “liberating” activities while doing so. 

Depending on age, children may have little or more attention, may develop tastes for certain activities that seem impulsive, or may avoid tasks that involve concentration. However, we should be concerned when symptoms prevent the child from developing normally in his or her environment. 

When grades begin to drop, social relationships fail, family problems arise, or the child has life-threatening behaviors (that stem from uncontrolled impulsivity) it is time to seek out a specialist who can guide you and your kid. 


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