Does Depression Cause Anxiety Or is Anxiety Caused by a Chemical Imbalance?

is depression a chemical imbalance

Does Depression Cause Anxiety Or is Anxiety Caused by a Chemical Imbalance?

“Is depression a chemical imbalance” was a question I asked myself when I realized that my mood was off in late December and early January. While my doctor thought it was due to stress and anxiety, I was having trouble understanding his interpretation of the situation because he could not determine whether it was stress or anxiety causing my depression.

While he said that his tests showed a chemical balance of some kind, there were too many variables involved for him to be able to say it was stress or anxiety causing my depression. My frustration mounted until I realized he would not help me unless I agreed to his terms: give him my urine samples so he could test my mood on the day of our first appointment.

After I gave him my urine samples, he told me that urinalysis would give him results by the end of the day. When I arrived at the lab, he sent me there with the urine samples. Once he got to the lab, he asked me what he should do with the samples.

Was I going to go home with a diagnosis? Was I going to admit that my condition was in some way caused by stress or anxiety? The stress or anxiety theory seemed to fly in the face of his diagnosis that I was suffering from a chemical imbalance. Why was he allowing that theory to take control of my treatment plan?

The next morning, I returned to the lab for the second time to have the tests performed and was shocked to find out that chemical imbalance was not the cause of my depression. It was actually anxiety and stress that was causing my depression. So while stress and anxiety were the cause of my depression, there was nothing wrong with me personally. Stress and anxiety were to blame for my stress and anxiety.

I was able to see that my doctor’s theory that stress and anxiety were the cause of my depression was a fallacy. So instead of allowing myself to be treated as a chemical imbalance patient, I decided to fight back. That’s how I fought back.

I took care of my stress and anxiety by finding a way to relax that didn’t involve alcohol or drugs. I learned about hypnotherapy and other ways of helping me relax. I also learned about the connection between relaxation and happiness.

The result? I am no longer in the middle of the chemical imbalance business.

I have learned how to relax my mind and body through the use of hypnosis, relaxation techniques, relaxation affirmations and natural treatments. These techniques and tools have helped me regain control over my mind and body. The result? I feel better about myself than I did before.

Anxiety and depression are treatable diseases that can be cured. In fact, you can recover from anxiety and depression and never experience the anxiety and depression again.

I learned that I wasn’t alone in my battle with stress and anxiety. That my depression was not caused by stress and anxiety. That it was only a chemical imbalance.

I am living proof that you can overcome your chemical imbalance. That you can take control of your life and live life to the fullest.

My next step is to learn about anxiety and depression and how to treat them. The way you treat anxiety and depression will determine if you can overcome yours. The same way you treat stress and anxiety will determine how you recover from depression. The more you learn about stress and anxiety, the more confident you become.

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