Foods That Cause Headaches

Foods That Cause Headaches are:

Chocolate, caffeine, red wine, aged or strong cheeses (cheddar, Roquefort, Camembert, etc).

Broad beans (lima) and pods of peas and beans, processed meats (luncheon meats, sausages, pate), and chicken livers.

Any food which has some mold or yeast (freshly baked bread, dried or canned figs, baker’s or brewer’s yeast, nuts including peanuts).

MSG (monosodium glutamate) and other food chemicals, especially Yellow Dye (tartrazine).

Please begin your healing and refuse to eat any of these foods that cause headaches.

You may need to eliminate an even larger group of Foods That Cause Headaches because there is a second group of foods that often cause headaches.

Beer, corn whiskey, and other corn products. Some authorities believe almost all headache patients are sensitive to corn, including dextrose, corn syrup, and other corn sweeteners.

Soy sauce, meat tenderizer, and in general avoid chemical additives to food.

Avocado, citrus fruits, raisins, papaya, plums, bananas.

Canned soups, frozen dinners, pickled herring, sauerkraut, and pork.

If you have ever had the slightest hint of a problem because of aspirin (slight indigestion, stomach ache, rash, any suspicion at all), then tell your doctor and be certain you follow the azo dye, salicylate, aspirin avoiding diet.

If you have eliminated all of the above and still have headaches then you need to


You may find this very difficult to do, but wheat and dairy products are the most common adult allergens (after coffee and corn) and are frequently the cause of headaches.

You will find a book at health food stores, GOOD FOOD, WHEAT FREE, MILK FREE, to be very helpful.

At this stage you should eliminate all alcoholic products – if you find you cannot do so then drink only Italian white wine, and if you must drink spirits drink only exotic spirits such as tequila or other alcohol not distilled from grains.

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