Japanese Depression

Japanese Depression

Depression in Japan is a serious condition that affects the lives of millions of people. In fact, there are many more people who are affected by this disorder than those who suffer from heart disease or cancer. The cause of depression is unknown, but the symptoms can be similar. In order to know if someone you know is suffering from depression in Japan, here are some of the possible signs and symptoms.

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* Depressed mood – This is the most common symptom of depression. When a person is depressed, he may have problems in concentrating and thinking clearly. His concentration can also fade when his mood turns to sadness or even anger.

* Feeling worthless – Depression can be caused by several factors but the most common ones are changes in one’s life such as financial difficulties, stress and relationship breakup. A depressed person may feel like nothing can affect him and that life is not worth living. His relationships with other people may deteriorate and he may also have trouble in expressing himself. He can become a recluse and isolate himself from the outside world.

* Loss of interest in work – The person may have lost interest in doing anything at all. He may start to feel stupid and worthless. He may spend most of his time watching television or listening to the radio. He may start to isolate himself from the society because he may feel that he cannot do anything to improve his situation.

* Changes in sleeping pattern – The person’s sleep pattern may change due to the depression. He may stay awake for a lot of hours in the day and fall asleep at night. His sleep pattern may become irregular and it may happen that the body never wakes up.

* Social withdrawal – Another sign of depression in Japanese people is social withdrawal. He may withdraw from his friends and colleagues. He may also avoid making any contact with anyone.

* Aggressive behavior – Some severe cases of depression in Japanese people can lead to suicide. A depressed person can do things like getting into fights or even hurting himself.

* Treatment for depression in Japan is very different from that in the West. One of the main reasons why depression in Japan is treated differently is because the culture of the country is very different from that of the West. The people of Japan have been influenced by Buddhism and Zen for a very long time and so they don’t see things in the same way as Westerners.

* Depression treatment in Japan takes a lot of time. The treatment process should last more than three months. People need to be given several therapies in order to overcome their problems.

* The use of antidepressants – Depression is treated by a combination of various antidepressants. These include drugs, psychotherapy and hypnosis. The most popular type of medication used in Japan for depression is called Zoloft which is prescribed for mild cases of depression.

* In Japan, Japanese men and women take contraceptives to keep themselves from becoming pregnant. because having children can make them depressed and they don’t want to experience depression again.

* Stress management is an important part of depression treatment for Japanese people. One of the major causes of stress in this country is the work environment. The stress in a job can cause depression if the person is not able to face his problems. It can trigger depression in some cases.

* Exercise can also help many people with depression. There are lots of health clubs where the people can go for exercises. They can go swimming and other forms of physical activities.

Depression Versus Clinical Depression

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