Quotes on Depression – How to Find Hope

Quotes on Depression – How to Find Hope

Quotes on Depression

When I was growing up, my family suffered from depression. I remember when we would go shopping to get some fun items for the home. My mom always took the car to another town, leaving us with a new dress to wear, or new shoes. She even had to leave the house to take care of us one day because she broke down and couldn’t drive, but even that didn’t last long.


There are many books out there about depression, but not one of them comes close to what I remember from my childhood: the quote “I was never lonely.” The phrase has always stuck to me and has inspired me to write this post.


Collected some quotes from actual people (and some fictitious) about what depression is really like. Reading these quotes can give you hope, or at the very least, make you feel more independent. Depression is more than a broken heart. It can also lead to thoughts that are irrational, which is why it is important to understand it fully.


This quote is said by someone who lived a depressive life. It can be attributed to “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” by Napoleon Hill. There is no other way to put it: he was depressed most of the time. So when he says that he was never lonely, I’m sure he really meant it.


There are other quotes on depression that people have given me. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” is another great quote about depression. I think of this quote when I see people who have been down so long they really have nothing left. It reminds me of the quote from “Waking Up To Your Own Dream.”


I’ve read these quotes as many times as I could find. They can either be inspiring or sad or both at the same time, depending on the person. The important thing to note is that no matter what you have, you are never alone with your depression, as long as you’re looking.


If you think that the quotes I’ve quoted above may be inspiring to you, go to the library and try to find more quotes on depression. In my opinion, they are not very inspiring. That’s why I wanted to write this article. You should have something to look up if you want to find hope.


I’m glad you did because I know you’re still out there, searching for answers to help. yourself.


The good news is, you’re not alone. Thousands of people around the world suffer from this condition. Many are in therapy, but most just try to cope, hope and live their life as normal as possible. The problem is, a lot of them are just not able to do that.


Depression is a hard reality that a lot of people don’t like to admit to themselves. It takes a lot of courage to accept that it’s there and start living your life.


I’m writing this to help you get started. Here’s a true story about me. A friend who suffers from depression wrote to me asking for my help, as they had no one to talk to.


I asked her to tell me a few things about her condition, like when she fell, or the depression she suffered. I’ve always struggled with depression myself, and I was shocked that she was able to tell me so much. I was very touched. Then I learned about this woman’s real reason for writing to me.


She needed someone who understands what she is going through. So I wrote back and thanked her and sent her a message of encouragement.

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