What is Health 2020?

health 2020

What is Health 2020?

Health 2020 is an international project aimed at improving the health of people across Europe. It strives to support implementation of action in every sector of society to:

– Significantly improve the quality of life for people living in all parts of Europe. The programme seeks to ensure that the basic right to adequate health care is upheld. To achieve this, the programme focuses on the promotion of community health, social responsibility, improved mental health, early interventions, preventive measures and the strengthening of social networks. It also aims at ensuring that access to primary health care is provided on a sustainable basis.

– Make healthy choices better for people in European societies. To achieve this, the programme looks at encouraging a more active role by individuals and communities in shaping their own health. In the meantime, it promotes the use of natural and non-conventional products that promote healthy lifestyles. This involves education, promotion and subsidised products. There is also a focus on preventing illness and promoting healthy recovery from illnesses.

– Make healthy eating more appealing and accessible. The programme works towards creating healthy eating habits, promoting healthy eating, encouraging healthy eating options and promoting healthy eating environments. It also encourages healthy physical activity by setting up walking clubs, gym and swimming programs. It also promotes the implementation of home-based or portable water treatment systems to help reduce waterborne diseases. It works to encourage the implementation of good personal hygiene and promotes cleanliness at all times.

– Improve the health of people across Europe by reducing health disparities. To achieve this, the programme supports the implementation of national policies and programmes which aim at making healthcare more affordable and accessible, by improving access to care, by ensuring that people of all income levels have equal access to healthcare by promoting health-care training and awareness programmes and by raising awareness of disease prevention and early detection.

– Make health care available to all and promote greater transparency in European Union law. The programme aims at improving access to care and ensuring that the rights of EU citizens are respected. It also encourages cooperation between the health sector and national authorities to develop the provision of services. in the areas of public health insurance and in the area of social assistance.

– Ensure effective management of health by the health service. The programme supports the development and implementation of health policies and services to promote the best quality of care and reduce the burden on hospitals and health services. In addition to ensuring the quality of care, it works towards providing greater access to health care through improvement.

– Develop a health service delivery system that improves efficiency, improves the quality of care and reduces costs. The programme is also concerned with improving care for the elderly and under the Social Security System. It works towards reducing health care costs and to promote a more accountable, efficient and transparent health care system.

– Increase awareness of and improve patient safety. The programme encourages greater safety measures at hospitals, ensuring that people are able to access healthcare in a safe and hygienic environment. It is also committed to developing and implementing processes to enhance the safety of patient medical records, including patient identification and secure storage of personal health information. and ensuring that hospitals follow up with patients who are admitted to ensure they receive timely and appropriate care.

– Enhance the health care system by increasing access to quality care and improving care by patients. The programme encourages improved and better access to care by patients. to specialist services and supports the provision of care and treatment by a range of groups like immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities and people with learning disabilities, people with mental health problems and older people.

– Reduce health inequalities by increasing patient access to care and improving health services. The programme is committed to improving access to care by people with a range of different health conditions, including those with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities. and to providing health care and treatment for people living in poverty.

– Strengthen the economic framework by working towards a sustainable health care system. The programme supports the development and implementation of an integrated system of health care that enables the smooth running of the health service. by setting and maintaining adequate and affordable standards of service delivery and provides financial resources to provide better care to those most in need and by helping to support and fund health care financing.

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